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Raleigh nonprofit teaches financial literacy, workplace readiness amid COVID-19 pandemic.

"Our purpose here is to be beneficial and empower and educate everybody who is willing,"



  • E. Jefferson-Harris
    I attended a mindfulness seminar at work before, but it was nothing like Mrs. Johnson’s class.  It was for this very reason that I was a bit hesitant about actually joining the classes, but I am so thankful that I did.  Mrs. Johnson teaches you that not all stress is bad and that everyone experiences it.  I have learned several different techniques that help me to deal with my stressors, especially during these unprecedented times.  The atmosphere is welcoming and no one judges you during these sessions, I feel safe while attending the mindfulness sessions. I think the thing that I enjoy the most, is knowing that I have taken the time out of my day to give back to myself.  I have such a crazy and hectic schedule and it doesn’t always allow me to have a work-life balance, but these sessions are designed just for that in my opinion.  I feel rejuvenated and ready for whatever life throws my way at the end of the sessions.
    E. Jefferson-Harris
    Priority Service Supervisor
  • I. Caldwell | Legal Patient Accounts Representative

    It was about 3 years ago I had sat down with Mrs. Johnson and we discussed a plan for me to clear up my credit.  The first thing we did was pulled my credit from annualcreditreport.com

    There were a few outstanding medical bills and student loan information.  Mrs. Johnson suggested for me to take care of the smaller bills first and then work on the bigger ones.  When I pulled my credit report there were contact numbers for me to call and get more information about my outstanding balances which Mrs. Johnson suggested for me to do.

    As the time and years went by I still didn’t do as I was told until one day a light bulb went off and I said I want to purchase me a home soon.

    Through my work benefits I have set up with a company to monitor my credit report and once I started paying off the bills I would get notified “Your Vantage credit score increased by 10 points or more” I was so excited that I started taking it seriously and making more payments of outstanding balances.

    As of today I am down to two more outstanding balances, which on one I have set up a payment plan of monies to be taken out every two weeks (which will be paid by November 2020) and the second I will just pay off the month of October 2020

    Mrs. Johnson also suggest for me to establish credit which I will apply through my bank

    FACTS  has really helped me get on the right track and it feels good when I get those notifications

    I. Caldwell | Legal Patient Accounts Representative
    EVMS Medical Group
  • -C. Griffin
    "I've been attending AND participating in virtual Mindfulness classes since July 2020. After the first 10 minutes of the first class, I shared how I was really doing and I didn't regret it or have doubts later that I'd made the right decision to share that part of me with people I didn't personally know. It's a comfortable, no judgement environment where I'm taught skills to help me have a less-stressed happier life.  One lesson was the reminder to take time, a few minutes a day, to take deep breathes. Something I hadn't realized I wasn't doing. I now find myself planning "me time meditation" so I can let go of what I can't control and truly hand it over to God so I can focus on what I can control. This makes me happier which makes my family happier. When I miss a class, I truly miss it and can hardly wait until the next class."
    -C. Griffin
  • -C. Womack
    “The founder of FACTS, Fontashia Johnson is the best when it comes to helping you repair your credit. She not only guides you through the process, but she makes sure you have the proper tools and knowledge on how to keep your credit in good standing. She's extremely knowledgeable in what she is doing and is very passionate about education. She took the time out to meet with me once a month and made phone calls once a week just to make sure that I was still on the right track. During the entire process if I had any questions or concerns, she was a phone call away. FACTS is the way to go if you're looking for a passionate and knowledgeable company to help empower you to restore your credit or provide financial literacy.”
    -C. Womack
  • -A. Medina
    I have had the pleasure of working alongside her in a diversity of projects.  When I first approached her with a business proposal some time ago, she became a valuable team member from the get-go.  She conducts herself in a professional manner and has the ability to empathize with clients as she services with heart. I can assure you that she will deliver... all with a beautiful smile!  
    -A. Medina