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July 22, 2018

My family...goofing around in Ocean City, MD- 2017

I was inspired to start this blog with the encouragement of family and friends.  My goal is that you continue to return to read post about a variety of topics to include: fashion, business, financial management, mindfulness techniques, and real-life experiences from me that I hope will inspire…encourage…empower…educate…and/or motivate you on some level.  We are all at various phases in our lives and one thing that I am certain about is this… IT’S OKAY!

(Live…Love…and Laugh.  Regardless of the obstacles you may face…remember to push through and don’t think that you must mirror someone else’s life to be GREAT… you are GREAT!  Cheers to all my Kings, Queens, Princes, and Princesses.)

Some random things about me…

1.       I prefer to be called by my born name:  Fontashia (excluding a few family members and a friend or two)

2.       I was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY

3.       I also lived in the Bronx (NY), Delaware, Virginia Beach (VA), and Iwakuni, Japan

4.       I have four handsome young men (my princes)

5.       I had one miscarriage and two stillborn’s (My Angels…SIP- Delashia and Darius)

6.       I am married to my best friend (we have been through a lot but remain united and strong)

7.       My favorite color is purple

8.       I have females that I consider to be best friends, but they are more like my sisters

9.       I love my mother

10.   When I was in 4th grade, my favorite teacher Mr. Petit (I don’t think I spelt it properly, lol) inspired me to be a teacher

11.   When I was in 4th grade, I said that I would be married with four kids…and it actually happened many moons later, lol

12.   I have over 17 year’s experience in customer service, business, financial management, and recently began my mindfulness journey

13.   I finally got my Bachelor’s degree in 2015 after starting and stopping because I was too busy being a mom and wife…I then got my Masters in 2017, but hey…its never too late

14.   I am obsessed with considering myself to be a beautiful chocolate Queen

15.   I love cooking and get offended when people consider my husband to be the “cook” in our household…ummm, he is a “Grill Master”, lol Thank you…substantial difference!

16.   I like taking trips to get a peace of mind and explore…. alone, with my husband or in groups (I guess that’s the Sagittarius in me)

17.   Oh, yeah…I’m a Sagittarius…the best sign there is…lol I’m joking all the other signs are cool too (we are just first in line…even though we end the year, kind of… lol)

18.   I teach at an alternative high school (built for special people…and we love it…)

19.   People say I have flirtatious eyes…but idk

20.   I’ve visited a few countries/cities/places/etc. to include- Japan, South Korea, Italy, Thailand, Bahrain, Jamaica, Dominican Republic, the Virgin Islands…and a few more but I’m kind of drawing a blank at the moment…

21.   I only speak English for now… I’ve tried to learn other languages, but I realized that I will leave that for the people who truly have the patience to learn other languages…lol

22.   I volunteer for a financial counseling and teaching organization and am inspired by the people I encounter

23.   I recently started to pursue my love and dream of shoes (2016 to be exact) and hope to have a collection of my own soon

24.   I hate couponing because it takes a lot of time and patience…but I secretly want to learn because the deals and savings seem to be worth it

25.   I like to talk…and I like for people to listen, lol

26.   I’m very observant when first meeting someone (I’m a self-proclaimed people reader, lol)

27.   I have great family and friends and keep my circle small (I love my father, stepdad, stepbrother and sister…there’s no order to this list by the way)

28.   I’m okay with releasing negative energy…that includes people and things

29.   I’ve accepted the person that I am and the woman that I have grown into…I still have a few moments of self-reflection but that’s life

30.   I have a lot of tattoos…I keep saying I’m going to stop and then the next year I think of another idea to add to my collection (collage on my body)

31.   I like flowers and plants but have a tough time keeping them alive (I’m getting better…lol)

32.   I’m 5’2” and over 180 pounds (don’t judge me…this page isn’t for judgment)

33.   I love a good steak and potato

34.   I like to dance

35.   I like singing and went to school for singing and dancing once upon a time…but life made a detour and my dreams changed

36.   My husband and I got married May of 2004, but the wedding was planned for October 2004 and since everyone was already planning and deposits had been made we kept the date and didn’t tell anyone the truth until 2013 or 2014…I can’t remember the exact year, but my mom was mad

37.   I like planning…I wonder if that should have been a profession at some point in my life

38.   Sometimes I feel like I should have been a lawyer (for a few reasons) but I didn’t want to go to school for it or take a test

39.       I’m never the life of the party but I like to have a good time (at any party) and enjoy what life has to offer

40.       I’m not a fan of taking pictures of myself but don’t mind taking pictures of things/others (that may have a little to do with a few flaws, but we will discuss that within the “Open Book” tab)

41.       I take pride in being a mom and I love my children unconditionally

42.       When I love…I love hard

43.   This list is getting long so, I’m going to stop here but if you have read this far…you may as well continue to follow my journey

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