Financial Management

November 1, 2020


Those who know me know that I’m very transparent… and I give thanks to my life experiences over the past 12 months (and my life journey, […]
October 8, 2020

Don’t be Afraid…

Have you ever met someone who was so use to being mistreated that when they met someone who treated them good… they didn’t know how to […]
September 12, 2020


I am Enough Hey beautiful people… Kings and Queens! Where do I begin? It’s been some months since I last checked in with you’ll, but don’t […]
July 22, 2018

Financial Education at it’s finest…

  How do you manage your finances?  Well, everyone has their own way of handling their bills, taking care of debt, saving for that dream home […]
March 10, 2019

Pay Yourself FIRST

Pay yourself FIRST! Have you ever heard of the phrase, “pay yourself first”? The concept of “paying yourself first” is considered a rule of thumb by […]
March 31, 2019


Budgeting How often do you budget? Everyone’s preference and practice may vary. What works for you when it comes to budgeting your finances? Putting your budget […]